“Thanks Chris” You’re pretty amazing! What you did for me and our company helped us out tremendously, even with everything in place without the tables we could not run our business. You went way above and beyond to meet our needs. I appreciate all your efforts to get me the tables I so desperately needed and working with me on the price.
I had a business to open and I had approximately 3 weeks to do so and my tables were in before we opened as you promised. You don’t know how much we appreciate you. Its seems these days that its hard to find “good customer service”, well Chris we found it again in you. You are a “Rock Star” and we look forward to doing business with you again and again.

Brenda Blanchard, V.P., Ventura,CA

Thank you for your professionalism regarding this transaction and for staying on top of it beginning to end. I appreciate the chance to do business with you and I hope you found it equally rewarding. Take care and best wishes.

Jerry Wollmuth, PT,Grayslake, IL

The BioStep was delivered yesterday at noon time. My daughter has been using it and loving it. I can’t thank you enough for all the help you have given us. It has been a pleasure working with you. If ever the need arises and I need more used medical equipment, you will be the first person I will contact. It was such a smooth process from start to finish.

Winnie Lynch, Brentwood, NY

Thank you for everything Chris! If you need a testimonial or reference please let me know- you have helped me so much!

Beth Hadley, PT,Elk Grove, CA

Good service and follow through. Rare to see. Thanks.

Dr. John Parker, DC ,Tampa, FL

When my husband died I had no idea where to start selling all of his medical equipment. Chris took care of everything. His professional, caring service was invaluable. He is a man of integrity and I recommend him highly.

Debbie Walsh, Naples, FL

Chris, thanks so much the beds. These things are awesome. We really needed to spruce things up at our newest clinic and this really helped. Your company has really helped us re-tool over the past year. What you do is really valuable for small businesses like mine who may not always have the funding to buy brand new. Everything we’ve gotten has been fully functional, and in great conditions.

Raphael J. Denbow, PT Temple Hills, MD